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Theme Meals and Parties

Wake up your staff from the doldrums, get creative juices flowing, have fun, and increase morale with our fun meal events. We provide decorated food serving tables, exciting themed music at our buffet table from our trusty boom box (as much or as little as you want) and our staff in themed, festive attire. Chef Edna can also help with additional entertainment or arrangements to make your festive event as conservative or as wild and crazy as you would like.

Fiesta Fajita Frenzy

  • Appetizers: salsas and dips
  • Carne assada, carnitas, grilled spiced chicken, assorted Mexican cheeses, frijoles, Mexican rice, assortment of Mexican salsas, and tortilla chips
  • Deluxe flans (crème caramel) with Meyer’s rum caramel sauce

Our Own “Big Fat” Geek Greek Buffet

Your choice of a casual buffet with assorted pita sandwiches or a heavy buffet. Ask about Zorba the Greek at your party!

  • Assorted Greek appetizers, including: spanakopita, dolmas (lamb or vegetarian), Greek-style cucumber with dill-yogurt dip; hummus, and eggplant dip
  • Pita pocket rounds and gyros, with assorted fillings or lamb with mint jelly
  • Greek salads
  • Baklava

“It’s A Wrap” Party

  • Assorted hummus and other dips with crisp pita triangles
  • Flavored wraps with assorted fillings
  • Asian slaws
  • Iced tea or lemonade
  • Creamy custard tart puff pastry shells

Asian Persuasion

  • Please check our satay appetizer section or consult Chef Edna to create an authentic Asian food menu from her experiences living in Asia
  • Create-your-own spring rolls
  • Thai iced tea or Vietnamese iced tea
  • Asian five spice deluxe flourless chocolate cake

Southeast Asian Street Food

  • Please check our satay appetizer section or consult Chef Edna to create an authentic Asian food menu from her experiences living in Asia
  • Skewers: chicken, pork and beef with rice cakes and assorted sauces
  • Shrimp, chicken, pork fried rice or noodle dishes with seafood or meat
  • Asian slaw
  • Asian iced tea or Thai tea
  • Portuguese custard tarts, favorites from Macau to Hong Kong to Goa

Unbeatable Indian Dinners by Dashi

In the mood for authentic Indian food? Ask us about Dashi’s Indian dinners.

  • Puff pastry beef, chicken, pork and vegetarian samosas
  • Cococnut milk chicken curry with lemongrass and fresh herbs
  • Asian-Portuguese seafood fried rice with cilantro
  • BBQ chicken or pork à la Goan style or grilled Asian spiced fish in banana leaves
  • Delicious Goan cold coffee—Indian Nescafe coffee, vanilla ice-cream and ice cubes
  • For dessert, Portuguese pastéis de pata

“Head ’Em Up, Head ’Em Out” Southwest Barbecue

  • Our famous pulled pork and beef
  • Southwest salad
  • Honey corn on the cob, baked beans, and potato salad
  • Deluxe housemade strawberry fruit tart


  • Pupus (Hawaiian-style appetizers)
  • Kalbi ribs, chicken skewers, seafood fried rice or noodles
  • Cold noodle salad with Asian vinaigrette
  • Deluxe housemade custard fruit tarts with grilled glazed pineapple

50s Theme

  • Grilled burgers or veggie burgers, hot dogs, fried chicken
  • Beer-battered onion rings, coleslaw, potato salad
  • All favorite American apple pie

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